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Hong Kong Report

Map of Hong Kong
"Be open, be positive, be yourself and make the best of living in Hong Kong."
German expat living in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a desirable destination for expats seeking to earn and save more than at home. The income levels reported by expats in the territory are higher than the global average, and expats are optimistic that working in Hong Kong will support their future career and earning prospects.

More than two thirds (68%) of expats in Hong Kong agree that it is a good place for career progression, well above the expat global average of 43%. Over three in five (63%) believe their time working there will enhance their future job prospects when they move on to a different country or back home, compared with 46% globally.

More than three in five (62%) expats living in Hong Kong say they earn more than they did in their home country, which compares with 45% globally. On average, expats earn nearly USD170,000 per year in Hong Kong, well above the global average of USD97,000.

In addition to receiving higher than average incomes, expats in Hong Kong are able to save more than they did back home. The majority (56%) of expats say living there has accelerated their progress towards making longterm savings and investments, compared to under two in five (38%) of expats globally. More than two in five (42%) expat parents say that living abroad has helped them save more quickly for their children’s education, compared with 29% globally. However, nearly four in five (79%) expat parents say that education in Hong Kong is more expensive than in their home country.

Over half (54%) of expats living in Hong Kong report that they are able to save faster towards Hong Kong their retirement there, above the global average of 40%. Nearly half (46%) of expats in Hong Kong say living in the country has accelerated their progress towards buying a property, compared with 40% of expats globally. Nearly three quarters (74%) already own property at home or in Hong Kong (compared with the global average of 67%).

Entrepreneurs seeking to start their own businesses are also well placed there, with more than half (53%) of expats in Hong Kong agreeing that it is a good place to start or grow a business, compared with 38% globally.

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