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Discovery awaits expats in the cultural metropolis of the United Arab Emirates

It is no surprise that the UAE has become a hub for expats looking to accelerate their careers. Expats from across the world set their sights on the seven emirates to boost their earnings, which is a major factor in convincing them to stay. There are also excellent opportunities for young professionals under the age of 35 in the UAE, who are rewarded with their incomes increasing by more than half.

The UAE's buzzing cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi provide the perfect setting to network with other professionals. Dubai is a particularly popular city for expats, ranking highly alongside the likes of New York and Shanghai, as the very best international hubs to progress one's career. Although expats find that the cost of living in Dubai is relatively steep, the impressive salaries and faster rate of promotions mean expats still enjoy a better quality of life compared to at home.

When it comes to travelling, expats in the UAE are spoilt for choice. Sat between Europe, Africa and Asia, expats in the region use the country as a base for new overseas adventures. This freedom to explore has positive repercussions for expats lucky enough to live on the doorstep of the action and they feel more fulfilled as a result.

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Quick Facts

  • Population: Around 9.7 million
  • Capital city: Abu Dhabi
  • Neighbouring UAE: Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar
  • Main languages: Arabic is the official language, but English is widely spoken
  • Time: GMT +4

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