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The best locations for expats to work

Careers League Table (based on 2018 results)

Country or Territory 2018 rank 2017 rank
Germany 1 Up 2
Bahrain 2 Up 12
United Kingdom 3 Up 9
United Arab Emirates 4 4
Switzerland 5 Down 3
Sweden 6 6
Singapore 7 Down 5
USA 8 Up 11
Canada 9 Up 10
Hong Kong 10 Up 13
Russia 11 Up 27
China 12 Up 15
Saudi Arabia 13 Up 20
India 14 Up 16
Australia 15 Up 19
Poland 16 Up 17
New Zealand 17 Up 25
Vietnam 18 Up 24
Malaysia 19 Up 29
France 20 Up 31
Taiwan 21 Up 32
Indonesia 22 Up 26
Ireland 23 Up 28
Mexico 24 Up 34
Thailand 25 Up 35
Brazil 26 Up 36
South Africa 27 Up 33
Japan 28 Up 41
Turkey 29 Up 43
Philippines 30 Up 38
Spain 31 Up 44
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John Goddard Head of HSBC Expat

The best places in the world for Expat Careers

We wanted to understand what makes people tick when it comes to working abroad, so we created the world's largest study of expats to do just that. Here we explore the world best destinations for a career abroad, based on a range from criteria from career progression and earnings, through to work-life balance.

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Whether you relish a challenge, aspire to be a better leader, or want to join a more creative team, make sure to explore all the opportunities working in another country entails. Watch the video now to find out more…

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